In the heart of every child is a hunger for home. Not just for food and a place to sleep, but for safety and most importantly for LOVE. At Touhid Education Society's MOTHER'S HOME, in the heart of Karwar city, we are much more than a home for these orphans.
For more than 39 years, with the help of caring individuals from Indian and abroad one and lot of hard work, we wake up each day with the same goal; to bring smile on these children's faces. It is not always easy, it comes with a long list of challenges to overcome...but we are doing it! Lives are being changed and stories are rewritten. Our Mother's Home history is one of the great adventures, overcoming huge odds and most importantly love. Orphanages rarely have a story to tell like ours does; some might find parts of it hard to believe but we assure you, it is all truth.