Education is all about a trio of communication between parents, teachers & students. While the communication between teachers & the students is taken care in every classroom, the communication between Teachers & Parents remains a QUESTION.
Would he/she have reached school safely?
Would he/she be studying sincerely?
Is there any coaching camp being organized in summer holidays?
All these & many other questions have left the parents thinking, how to track the child’s day today activities?
All the above queries are answered via Clobas APP.
TES takes pride in being the first organization in Uttar Kannada to empower its institutions with personalized CLOBAS APP for real time communication between School, Teachers & Parents. Students Attendance, Home Work, Results, Notifications & all other important communications are delivered right in your hand any time, anywhere through your Mobile Phone.


i) Technology is everywhere touching almost every part of our lives.
ii) Technology helps students acquire the skills to survive in a complex,highly technological knowledge-based economy.
iii) TechnoKids mission is to combine education and technology to providechildren with core computing skills and prepare them for the future.
Reasons to use TECHNOkids
* Themes integrate into curriculum
* Easy to follow instructions
* Customizable resource files
* Wide selection of projects
* Project based computer activities
* Saves Planning


Robotics inspires students to make connection across several disciplines rather than learning topics in isolation as it combines concept of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In other words, robotics develops the skill of students in STEM related concepts.
What is Techno Robo?
TechnoRobo is a curriculum on robotics where students work hands-on in constructing robots and program them to perform various tasks. Students will be introduced to a simple engineering process on these five steps: imagine, ask, plan, create and improve. Working individually or in pairs, students will start with simple structures and then begin to make robots through intermediate level of construction.
TechnoRobo is having two different kits namely
1) TechnoRobo student kit
2) TechnoRobo school kit